Harvest Rules

The Slaying of a monster is provides great experience, but it also provides great reward. Magic items do not exist on their own, out in the wild, if that were so, then most peasants would have a fighting chance against monsters. Rather the essence of all beasts contains magic that can be harvested to enchant or enhance weapons. The physical ingredients of the beasts provide benefits as well.

Essence Harvest:

Each player has the opportunity to claim essence from a fallen monster. It’s the dispersed magic that tends to linger after a creature was killed. A Shepherd’s staff is often used to collect the essence. The infusion of magic usually depends on the creature slain and the options vary. All magic items can only contain one enchantment but they grow more powerful each time they are reinforced.

Ingredient Harvest:

In addition to gaining magical essence, most monsters leave behind bodies that can be converted into items and minor magical things. The Butchering Knowledge skill is required to harvest. In terms of money, there is no monetary value in monster ingredients, as no merchant in his right mind would take it.

All monsters have an Ingredient value that is increased by the Butchering skill. Each item crafted reduces the value until it reaches zero. Any mundane item in the game can be created, as can any potion, scroll, tattoo or alchemical item from the harvest. Appropriate crafting skills are required(Potions, Scrolls, Alchemy, Tattoos, Armors and Arms)

Harvest Rules

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